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​Councillors back move to ban The Sun being sold in Liverpool

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City councillor have unanimously backed a live to stop retailers in Liverpool from selling The Sun.

The newspaper has been widely boycotted in the city because of the lies that was printed in their paper following the Hillsborough disaster.

A campaign put forward during meeting on Wednesday night condemned the paper for its blatant lies about the tragedy, in which 96 Liverpool fans were killed.

Put forward by Labour councillor Mary Rasmussen at Liverpool Town Hall, the motion said: “Due to crowd control mismanagement those fans, whose ages ranged from 10 to 67 years old, had the life crushed out of them.

“Contrary to the facts, The S*n published a front page story with the banner headline ‘The Truth’ which contained blatant lies.

“For this reason we call on all retailers and vendors of newspapers in Liverpool to stop selling The S*n,” said the motion, which recognised the efforts of the campaign group Total Eclipse of the S*n to “rid” the city of the of the newspaper.

The Sun currently have no comment on the vote, although the newspaper and their editor, at the time, have previously apologised for the coverage.

Relatives of Hillsborough victims attended the council meeting, where mayor Joe Anderson said the newspaper would never be forgiven and if he could legally do so he would ban it from shops across the city.

Ronald Butterfield, owner of a newsagent near Everton told BBC Merseyside it was “wrong for the council to get involved”.

“I don’t sell it but it is up to people to decide. When I tell people who aren’t from Liverpool I don’t sell it they look at me like I’ve got knickers on my head.

“One Liverpool man who always bought it for the horses not the news cancelled it because he was worried about the paperboy being seen delivering it.”


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