Paramore as strong as ever, Nickelback announcement and Foo Fighter going solo – #NorthernRock Newsflash

#NorthernRock Newsflash is a written alternative to the news segment featured on the #NorthernRock music show on Maghull Radio – aired Monday 8-10pm.

Paramore News

Paramore fans, of recent, have been waiting to hear news on the band’s latest music but will be forgiving of the band as they even announced Zac Farro has officially rejoined Paramore. 

Farro’s return comes just in time too – the band are set to release their fifth studio album this year and fans will look forward to Paramore, once again, being whole.

Nickelback News

Nickelback have announced the title of their newest album, it’ll be called “Feed The Machine” and the first single off the record – also called Feed The Machine” is one of their heaviest pieces of work since 2008’s Dark Horse album.

In their aforementioned latest single, they refer to a contemporary political leader as a “charlatan” but I’ll let touch decide who that’s about… If I were Nickelback, I’d be careful before Canadians are barred from a certain country.

They’ve also announced they will be touring North America with Chris Daughtry.

Foo Fighters News

Chris Shiflett, of the Foo Fighters, is releasing his first solo album later this year.

He’s put the first single, “West Coast Town”, on SoundCloud and it has a certain country feel to it. 


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