Ex-footballer Johnny Heitinga moans about being unable to use private jets

Heitinga after being shown a red card, 2010 World Cup Final vs. Spain

Former Everton footballer Johnny Heitinga has been speaking to Dutch media about adjusting to life after professional football.

Heitinga, known for being brought on by David Moyes when Everton were already 1-0 down, earned around £50,000 per week while at The Blues. 

Johnny doesn’t earn anything near that now he’s retired, it actually appears he now hosts pub quizzes in Holland as a link he’s posted on Twitter leads to this promotion:

Credit: A l’Elephant du Congo

Joking aside, he’s actually a coach at Ajax’s academy – the club where he spent the majority of his career – but he’ll be earning a lot less than when he was a Premier League defender.

“When I was still playing football we had a lot more money coming in. Our expenditures were likewise. Now we are trying to adjust,” Heitinga said in an interview with 1limburg.

“In the past, we sometimes chartered a private jet, but we don’t do that now. On holidays we do still rent a fancy villa, but you get different categories of ‘fancy’.”

Presumably Johnny had grown accustomed to having a bedroom for every person he holidays with, including the maids, of course, and a pool he could land a amphibious aircraft in.

“We are trying to get used to it. Sometimes it is difficult,” adds the Dutchman. 

It’s hard to not agree with the former footballer; I was once told I couldn’t get in the pool as someone had drunkenly sh*t in it the night prior.

I’m certain the Heitinga family have had similar inconveniences… such as settling for a lesser “fancy villa”. The horror.


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