Shinedown prepped for album, Amy Lee’s haunting single and Dierks Bentley releases stunning video – #NorthernRock Newsflash

#NorthernRock Newsflash is a written alternative to the news segment featured on the #NorthernRock music show on Maghull Radio – aired Monday 8-10pm.

Shinedown News

Brent Smith has spoke about material created by bass player Eric Bass becoming a potential first-ever concept album for the veteran rockers.

“When we were [on tour] with Five Finger Death Punch in 2016 — we did those 36 cities — he instinctively, at the beginning of that tour, said he was going to walk in every day and was going to write a composition and record it,” said Smith. 

The singer went on to state that Bass has “22 pieces” and that he had just heard five of them for the first time, neglecting to listen to them on the road because he “was in a different mindset” for himself, focusing on the production of Shinedown’s show.

Dierks Bentley News

Country singer Dierks Bentley has not long released a stunning music video for his single “Black” – from the album of the same name.

The shoot was taken in Iceland and features some gorgeous scenery, including an appearance of his wife.

When Bentley set out to create the video for his album Black’s title track, he knew that it would be his most important one yet. “Black” is at the heart of the project, a love song that takes its name from his wife’s maiden name.

Amy Lee News

It’s now been six years since Evanescence have released an album but fans of he band need not to fret.

Front-woman Amy Lee has been busy working on a solo career, releasing the album “Dream too Much” and now she’s back Aith a new release.

“Love Exists” is the title of her new single; it’s hauntingly powerful, similar to some of her Evanescence work but without that rocky edge she’s famed for.


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