My Diet Plan

This article is simply for personal use; I’ve tried other people’s diet plans but have been unable to stick to them for a meaningful time.

Apart from the Paleolithic diet, that was very good but it wasn’t simple.

That being said, feel free to browse, I’m hoping this diet plan will be successful for me and it’ll be a bonus if it works for anyone else.

I’m aiming to lose, at least, 13kg in 12 weeks.

I should add, I go to the gym four times a week for between 60 and 90 minutes – focusing around half of my time there on cardio.

The creation was very easy; I thought of seven drinks, breakfasts lunches and dinners that I enjoy but are low in calories and compiled them in a menu, with the idea being that I wouldn’t get bored, so swapping in other low-calorie meals is 100% okay.


Rules: One meal from each category each day, no snacking and only drinks listed are allowed.

Calories from meals per day: Average: 1,110. Minimum: 680. Maximum: 1,540.


Water0kcal per 250ml glass
Coffee (no sugar) – 0kcals per 250mls
Pepsi Max0kcals per 250ml glass
Tea/green tea (no sugar) – 1kcal per 250mls
Fanta Zero 8kcals per 250ml glass
Monster Absolute Zero 16kcals per 500ml can
Skimmed milk85kcals per 250ml glass


Fruit~70kcals per handful
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Bar82kcals
Müller Light90kcals per 175g pot
Dry toast (2 pieces) – 220kcals
Bran Flakes/Special K 221kcals per 60g bowl
Scotch pancakes (3) 237kcals
Eggs (2) – 310kcals


Chicken salad (no sauce/dressing) – 150kcals per bowl
Heinz Tomato Soup204kcals per tin
Turkey ham toastie (2 pieces of bread) – 275kcals
Sweet potato chips (250g) – 306kcals
Grilled chicken (1 fillet) – 360kcals per 150g filled
French toast (2 pieces, 1 egg) – 375kcals
Grilled salmon & scrambled eggs (2 eggs) – 523kcals


Chicken & chorizo paella (350g) – 460kcals
Roast chicken, veg & gravy~560kcals
Chickpea & mushroom bhuna w/microwave rice~561kcals
Chicken fajitas (2, no cheese) – 615kcals
Tandoori chicken wraps (2) – 615kcals
Paprika chicken & sweet potato chips666kcals
Prawn madras w/microwave rice~707kcals


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