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The Scouse company making beard care better

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As you walk through the main corridor on the first floor of Liverpool Central Library, there is something that may catch your eye. You mightn’t think it belongs. It’s a display all about beards — more specifically ‘The British Bearded Baby Ltd’.

Just to offer some context to the situation; I recently started working a couple of shifts per week at Liverpool Central Library and it didn’t take me long to notice the display, especially as I had recently started a gig writing almost-daily articles about beards.

Upon noticing a display about a company that seemingly revolves around beards in my new workplace, I knew I had to look into the subject and tell you all of what I’ve learned about a company set up with a lovely thought at their heart of their production.

The British Bearded Baby

I’ll give you a run down of information that can be found on their official website; the founder of The British Bearded Baby, Dan, spent years growing his beard and when he found out his fiancée was pregnant he considered how his baby mightn’t like his rough beard.

A simple thought then popped into his head — how about creating some beard balms and beard oils that soften beard hair but is also safe for a baby’s skin?

The founder of the company wanted to ensure that any products to be used in his beard balms and beard oils weren’t going to irritate his child’s skin and sought out the best ingredients to use in his products.


As you may be able to decipher from the previous segment of this article, The British Bearded Baby sell a range of products including – as pictured above – beard oils and beard balms, but they’ve also expanded into selling combs and merchandise.

The products are pretty self-explanatory, almost every producer of beard oils and beard balms offer a similar range of products. The twist with The British Bearded Baby is that they claim 100% of the ingredients they use are natural and are created by hand.

The Library Display

The British Bearded Baby was founded in Liverpool (where I’m from) and, simply put, this is why they’ve a display in the Central Library of Liverpool. The city likes to celebrate their accomplishments and, as the saying goes, when one of us win, we all win.

More specifically, when Dan, the founder of The British Baby, was setting up his business, he reached out to the Business & IP Centre team at Liverpool Central Library and sought out their advice.

Having no experience or education in setting up a business, Dan met with the BIPC team and, with their help, information and contacts, he was able to launch his company.


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