Personal Statement

Bekky McGuinness and myself – early 2016

My name is Steven Carson and I am a multimedia journalist from Liverpool.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a journalist, not just because I like to be the first person to spread the word of something new, or because I want to be the go-to-person for clarification, but because I want to create things that can impact people’s lives.

Since I’ve been taken seriously as a producer of media I have striven to prove myself; at the age of 15 I took charge of Trophies for All’s social media network, helped connect their business to the community in Merseyside – and around the UK and aided development of their website.

Once I was finished at my school – and college – West Derby Comp., I enrolled onto the BA journalism course at Liverpool JMU. I had thought about joining the University of Liverpool and the University of Sheffield, I had the requirements, but I felt John Moores had a more appropriate ethos amongst staff and students for me.

During my first year at JMU I had the joy of being a football pundit on Kohinoor Radio‘s “Drive Time” show in Leicester. I was active for the station for around seven months, during which time I gained invaluable experience at such an early stage of my career.

Thanks to my experience during the prior academic year, I was able to steal a temporary work placement at Click Creative’s office in Toxteth. During my four-month stay there I was able to work on multimedia projects for Click Liverpool, Purple Revolver and Bay TV Liverpool (now Made in Liverpool).

I was to work with JMU Journalism throughout my final year at JMU and, since I was specialising in radio and sports journalism, I was mainly contributing to broadcast aspects of JMU Journalism’s website. I am a proud member of Richard Rudin’s 2015/16 radio team which also includes Noor Ali, Gabbie Britton, Matt Crosby, Laura Gilchrist, Alex Gorton, Kate Hewison, James Knowles and Adam Lawrence.

Thanks to Mr Rudin’s connections, I was able to work at Capital Liverpool (formerly Juice FM) for a fortnight in January 2016 and during my time there I learned just how difficult and exciting it is to be a working journalist. From carrying out vox pops to interviewing key people in lead stories, I enjoyed the experience at the station with Chris Chambers and Anna Hodges and am thankful for the opportunity and feel it made me resilient.

Shortly after my graduation in July, later that year, I noticed I had quite a bit of spare time, even if I did work more regularly at my parents’ business. Considering this abundance of time, I spoke with recruitment contacts at Read Everything, Blasting News and Paisley Gates to see if they needed an extra writer.

For around two months, I worked with Read TV and Blasting News to create content on a daily basis – usually around five per day for Read TV and one or two for Blasting News. Shortly after my stint with Read Everything, I was invited to freelance for Paisley Gates and still produce weekly content for them to this day.

During early 2017, I realised just how much I enjoyed multimedia projects so I spoke with recruitment at Maghull Radio to see if they could use another volunteer. After two meetings, it was decided that I would host the Northern Rock music show every Monday from 8-10pm. The show has some particular features; at 30 minutes past eight and nine I read out a short bulletin of headlines I’d noted through the previous week. Also, at the halfway point of the show, I read out the scorelines of local non-league football teams.