Stuff I’ve Worked On

For a breakdown of work I’m currently doing, please click here.


During April and May of 2017 I worked for Made in Liverpool (TV) and my responsibilities included mainly editing videos for ‘The Lowdown’ show but also to aid with programming and other forms of administrative work. You can view a portfolio of some things I edited here.


Toward the end of 2016 I had a stint at two news media firms; you can view my work for Fresh Press Media, my first paid, full-time job in content creation here and Blasting News here.

Here’s a playlist of work I recorded and edited for JMU Journalism (2015/16), which I’ve uploaded to audioBoom, some of my more recent work.

Here is a 30-minute-ish JMU Journalism: Liverpool Life podcast that was focused on devolution in Liverpool (and Merseyside) which I edited. If I sound somewhat unenthusiastic, the “journalism ball” I attended the night prior is entirely to blame!


In my second year at Liverpool JMU, myself and a couple of classmates worked on a project where we went out to pubs in Merseyside – great topic, I know – and reviewed their selection of ales and ciders. Our work can be found on our WordPress blog, we were pretty proud of it at the time.


I had done some work for Click Liverpool and, during my summer there in 2014, also done bits for Purple Revolver and Bay TV Liverpool. Since their website redevelopment, my work has gone missing and I can no longer find it online but there is one survivor – on Purple Revolver’s website.


Kohinoor Radio, in Leicester, were the first professional organisation to give me an opportunity. Over the winter of 2013 I was a Premier League pundit for the drive time football show. Examples of my appearances can be found on YouTube but 17-year-old me didn’t have the best equipment to record the audio! Apologies!